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Why Quik-tool?

Whether in the stencil printer, in the SMT placement machine or in the SPI and AOI, Quik-

tool is ready to support your double-sided printed circuit boards quickly, safely and over the entire surface, fully automatically with every new printed circuit board.

Our Quik-tool system is completely independent of the machine hardware and software



  • The Quik-tool HD pin grid prevents the circuit board from sagging, especially under stress during stencil printing
  • Consistent and repeatable solder paste printing for the highest process security
  • Prevents vibrations of the circuit board in the SMT placement machine, therefore no more missing or twisting of the components
  • Minimization of machine downtimes during product changeover and therefore increase In-line throughput
  • Increased productivity pays off the purchase of Quik-tool after a very short time

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